Saturday, August 29, 2009

What to do...what to do...

I have two many offers on the table of fun stuff to do this weekend and I'm torn now. It's Saturday morning and I just don't know what offer to take. I knew this could happen the second I started formulating plans to go backpacking.

I now have two parties on the table and they both sound like a lot of fun, and I could have a date tonight as well if I want. Dammit! I want to do it all!


Sharon said...

Sorry it has been so hot. It's been wonderful, early Fall weather up here.

Oh, and why is Lake Travis a "dying lake"???

Call me sometime.

Ginny said...

Well I don't really know if it is dying per say...but it is extremely low and boats are not helping things.

Now the pollution and bacterial levels are more concentrated as a result of extremely low water levels.

Our drought situation has been pretty bad, but certainly not the worst. As a matter of fact it is raining today! Yay!