Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Love My Life

So life is rockin and rollin along. Work has been awesome, my friends have been awesome, my kiddos are awesome, and life is awesome. Tomorrow I am heading out to the lake with Veronica and a good friend of hers who has a boat. He just bought a 75,000.00 dollar ski boat that holds 20 people and we are gonna party like rock stars. It's been a long while since I've been on a boat and I'm looking forward to it.

I asked our friend what he was gonna do with that boat when there is no longer a Lake Travis...he said he'll park it at Lake Austin, and then if that lake dries up he'll park the boat in his back yard and have parties on it lol. In any case I hope I can overlook the tragedy of a dying lake for a little while, as I'm living large on a fancy new boat.

Ben starts school very soon and is going into the second grade! I can't believe how fast my little boy is growing up and he is simply the smartest kid in his grade. He wants to learn spanish, german, french, and italian. He says if he has time he'll learn Japanese too lol. And on top of all that ambition, he reads through chapter books like crazy and is broadening his vocabulary by leaps and bounds every's sometimes like talking to a 15 year old, not a sevin year old.
I'm always having to remind people, "dude he's only sevin".

Today I am cleaning house and doing laundry. I hope to get out by the pool in a little while and freshen my killer tan back up. My close friend Andy is probaby going to spend the night tonight and I want to have a gorgeous glow ;) I think we are all going out somewhere for live music and eats this evening and then who knows what.

Last night a couple of my neigbors and I stayed up laughing and enjoying each other's company, so I won't be surprised if tonight goes a little something like last night. I made pancakes and bacon around 3am and my place smells like IHOP today. Wonder what I'll be cooking up at 3am tonight...time will tell! :)

My cute friend Dusty from upstairs asked me if I would cook for him on an ongoing basis if he brings me the stuff. Ha, that's what I get for letting people know I'm skilled in the kitchen. I haven't made anything spectacular in a while, but I feel something special coming... something French...mmmmmmmmmmmm

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