Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ouch, I'm so behind in my blogging!

Well here is an update my friends. I've still been heavily campaigning for my art at brickfish and also still hunting for work. I called some temp agencies today and feel like that might be my best bet now for getting a foot in the door somewhere. I can certainly feel the bite of an economy going bad. Yikes!

My car broke down, and is getting fixed. Hopefully it will be ready Thursday and I won't have to deal with repairs again for a long time. The clutch went out which is a pretty expensive repair. The unfortunate news is that it wasn't even my fault. Some friend of Samantha's ended up driving my car without my permission and she claimed she knew how to drive a standard...but she did not. The mechanic thinks she rode the clutch which destroyed it. I'm trying to get money from her for repairs before I take it to court. I hope she makes good on what she did wrong.

Last Friday night I went to see my favorite band One Eyed Doll and will have pictures up soon. :)
I'm about to enter another campaign that pays one thousand dollars to the winner. I will be using the pictures of Kimberly from One Eyed Doll in this new campaign. She is happy that I'm doing this because I will bring her publicity. She will also continue to support my art campaign. Cool stuff!

I'm ranked number 4 out of almost 7,000.00 entries! I am so proud of that. There are only about 40 days left in the campaign and more than ever I need votes and people to spread the links around for others to join in. I'll create another post for that purpose and let everyone know when the new campaign starts. :)

Peace to all,

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