Monday, November 03, 2008

Kissin Cats

These hungry Monarch caterpillars raced to the top and met face to face. Aren't they cute?


trina corina said...

Great shot, you should send it off to "what's that bug"!

Ginny said...

Yeah you're right I should! Thanks for the suggestion. Now how do I do that? Just email him?

trina corina said...

They have a submit section on their website. I LOVE their site!

vixen kitten said...

Wow, what an amazing pic! I love insect photos.

I found you via Jesse. I'll be back to explorer some more later. If it's not too late I'll vote for your paintings too.

Hope your day is beautiful.


Jesse Mendez said...

Hey baby,

great photo and those things are making me hungry.... :)

Thanks for the love, and staying in touch how are you feeling? I hope you are okay baby. Not too sick or stuff?

California is a Bellweather state there is another state that is a Bellweather state can you guess which one it is???

But first what is a Bellweather?

gottat get some zzzzzz'z

nite and a kiss?

Ginny said...

awww you guys are so great. :)

Vixen the art campaign is going to last another 52 days, so no it's not too late! I need votes everyday as a matter of fact.

Jesse, thank you. I'm feeling much better! And I'm going to get back to you on the bellweather thing. (ginny runs off to a browser to look it up)