Thursday, September 11, 2008

People in Austin Panicking?

I went to the grocery store today just to pick up a couple of things for dinner over at a friend's house, and it was a mad house. I couldn't understand why people were stocking up on water and frozen goods. Sheesh, frozen food? I mean come on, use common sense. Buying frozen food is kind of stupid considering that if the electricity goes out from the supposed terrible winds and horrific rain, the food will end up spoiling.

Personally I think folks in Austin are being a little over zealous in their fears. I feel like we'll be fortunate if we get rain, but doubt it will be terrible storming like the news predicted a few days ago. Today on the news they said winds could get up to 20, maybe 40 miles an hour here! Oh the horror! *smirk*

Honestly people just settle down.


Sarah said...

just like rita after katrina. first it was going to be a direct hit to austin, then it slowly crept north and east. I don't even think we got rain then. houston on the other hand looks like it will have a hard time.

trina corina said...

Agreed! Granted, I always keep a decent supply of canned beans and soups and such in the house, and some bottled water (not much), but people around here do freak out. It seems that way with everything. I was watching Bill Mahr last night and he made a great statement, he said people in our country are either in paralysis or panic. So true!

Ginny said...

Yeah Houston can get very flooded for sure. I remember one year long ago, I was flying over Houston in a plane and couldn't believe the flooding I saw. It looked like lakes all over the place.

Today I've been enjoying the breezy's certainly cooled things down a bit. It would have been nice to get rain here, but not in the cards this time. :(

Valatan said...

Did you survive the five minutes of DEATH RAIN last night?

Ginny said...

Hi Jerry, yeah that was a huge storm we had. ;)

A friend said today that one million people in Houston are without power. That sucks.