Thursday, April 26, 2007

He Had to Show it To me

The Pacific Crest Trail. The through hike of all through hikes. It looks amazing beyond belief and not for the light adventurer. To conquer the PCT one must be rugged and fit not only in body but maybe more importantly in mind. This is extreme hiking in some of the most beautiful and wild lands America has to offer.

The PCT is not as well hiked as the AT because of the level of experience one needs and the degree of difficulty. Imagine river crossings in rushing water thigh high and hiking on a small ledge hugging a cliff side with a sheer drop hundreds of feet below. Wild country indeed, and thrilling. This is the kind of hike that would be the pinnacle of all hikes and a way to personal greatness.

I'm so ready to get outdoors this weekend. I need a good long walk...

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