Monday, January 08, 2007

My Morning Walk

I walked an average pace of 3.9 mph for about 45 minutes this morning and now feel like I can barely move. Of course I did just complete an 11 mile trek this past weekend so shouldn't be so hard on myself...or should I? I've got some real physical and mental obstacles to overcome if I'm to hike Big Bend in March. The big question in my mind is do I really have the time to get prepared for a March trip? And also, just how much training am I going to need, and what kind? It's quite obvious to me that the little bit of walking and hiking I've been doing isn't going to cut it. It's now time to get serious.

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Stylie said...

That is a great work out!
Doing something like that each day or each day for 3-4 days.. 1 off, will get you where you need to be.

basically you want to enable yourself to be more comfortable sustaining an up hill pace for a while. If you become more and more comfortable with breathing hard and exerting.. the shock will be so much less when you are presented with an extended climb. No one ever really likes to climb for long periods of time.. a person can only make it more comfy by increasing thier fitness levels!