Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wandering through Pace Pend

Today's hike treated me quite well and there were several interesting things to see. The best part by far was at the end when Thomas and I had a smorsgasbord of butterflies to photo. We took shots of several species of butterflies all nectaring on the same plant. At times there would be 20 or so gathered. It was choice!

This hike was twisty and disorienting , causing consultation with a map and compass. We squeezed through dense thickets of native grasses, cacti, and Ash Junipers in some parts. I stumbled into a prickly pear cactus and pulled tiny needles out of my leg...that was fun.

Guess not much else to report...enjoy the photo shoot. :)
Large Berry of Some Kind
Black Beetle
Lovely Pile of Deer Droppings
More Evidence of Deer Presence
Nectaring Queen Butterfly on Bitterweed
Prickly Pear
The Lake
In Flight. What a Lucky Shot!
Variegated FritillaryVariegated Fritillary and Queen
All Together

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