Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Butterfly Bonanza!

I saw many species today out in the garden and was only able to photograph a few. Enjoy!

White Striped Long Tail, Sub Family: Spread Winged Skippers

Giant Swallotail, Sub Family: Swallowtails

American Snout, Family: Brush Footed Butterflies
Southern Dogface, Sub Family: Sulphers
Bordered Patch


Atheist in a mini van. said...


Anonymous said...

I think that last one is a young red admiral..

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Thanks T! I thought it was possibly an admiral of some kind.

~Cathi, aka scrappincat~ said...

Wow, these are beautiful photo's..........thanks so much for sharing the link to me inspiration, as I, too, love to capture butterflies in photos......I'm just not nearly as talented! Gorgeous!

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Thanks scrappincat! I had to be very persistent and patient to get these shots.