Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Food Thing

glazed carrots, Tilapia with a citrus cream sauce, and tossed salad

Gourmet chocolates from my sweetest of sweethearts. They were gluten free and damn they were amazing! notice the word "were".

Typical salad

Root veggies,Pork tenderloin, Green beans, and Kale

Chicken, Carmelized onions, and Chard

Little Amish Boy (Ben)...Ok so he isn't food, but he is cute and this was taken at a restaurant.


Little Mama said...

Holy cow Ben got big! Then again, I suppose the Monkey Man did too!

Ginny said...

It's incredible how fast time goes by. They will be teens before we know it!

dar said...

your cookin looks bomb gotta teach me!! or better yet cook for me :)


Ginny said...

Sure I'll cook for ya :)