Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hey Everyone :)

Just wanted to say hi and let everyone know that I will be thinking of them over the holidays. Things are a bit crazy around here (so what else is new?). Caitlin is back in the hospital and it looks like I have to move over Christmas.

I am moving to a bigger place in the same complex, but my only choice is to move starting xmas eve and being done by the time the weekend is over. Ugh! I can't believe we are going to have to move over Christmas, but worse can happen.

Hopefully Caitlin will be back on her feet by the time we have to move. Just taking it a day at a time around here...

Will keep everyone posted when I get the time.

Love to all!



Zebra said...

hey Gin,
I am thinking about you and yours over the holiday season too. Drop me an email with your new number would you so we can catch up sometime soon.
Love you

Ginny said...

Hey Vee!

I got your email and will reply asap. I think about you too and hope all is well. :)

Love ya girl!

God said...

Russell's getting married again.

Kazim said...

God must not be very omniscient, or else he'd know I already told you that. I wouldn't keep that kind of thing a secret from you.

Ginny said...

Ok, I'm quite confused...who the heck is "God"? And why does anyone think I care if Russell is getting married again? lol