Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yes Me, There is a Santa

Things took a complete turn for the better. First of all, it is Christmas Eve and I must say to my family...CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!...heh heh. And if you got me first oh well...I have a great excuse...(This is a family tradition that goes way back. Maybe I will tell the story soon since it is Christmas.)

I am in my new apartment! I wanted to move before Christmas so badly, the universe complied and things fell into place. Thank you Universe. The move was exhausting, stressful, and seemingly never ending. Damn glad it's over. Moving over the holidays is highly unrecommended. Moving to a third floor over the holidays...yep...not so great when everything you own is heavy. But happily I didn't injure myself too severely. I hurt my shoulder a little, but it will heal in time.

I love that after it was all over it felt like I backpacked about a nine miler mostly uphill. And for those of you who know me well, yes I wish I was camping! I'm thinking next Christmas I might have to drag the family out to the camp grounds somewhere. Maybe Hill Country State Natural Area. That would be sweet and I can't think of anything more peaceful. Get away from all this holiday madness.

Speaking of which. Today I have much to do still. I have a last minute Christmas to pull together. I only have a tree to purchase, set up, decorate, presents to buy, wrap, and a turkey to make. That isn't so bad really compared to what I've just been through.

One more thing. Ara, you my dear friend are always in my thoughts. If we lived in near proximity of each other, the times we would have! Think how famously Marley and Spirit would get along. We are two parallel arcs peaking on different time waves, only to briefly pass each other. Life always teases us that way. Hug your dear doggie for me. I will email soon or try to call.

Ok, sorry everyone. Sometimes this is just the best way to communicate. My phone is dead and I have no charger thanks to the cat mutilating the chord. That is one more thing I will be taking care of today. The phone charger, not the cat. She is lucky to have escaped death this time ;)

I can't wait for the upcoming plans over the next couple of days. We are going to spend the holidays with our dear friends here in Austin. I am extremely fortunate to have such amazing friends in my life. They are all like family to me and we have the best times together. I want to send a special shout out to Veronica and Dusty. I love you both. Life is that much sweeter because of you two.

Dusty you are my muse and a solid ear to bend. I know we don't get to spend as much time together as we did over the summer, but I look forward to spending time with you over the holidays. The same goes for you Veronica! I am so thrilled that the kids and I will spend Christmas with you and your family. It is going to be fabulous that everyone is able to come together. :)

And to Mom, Lynn, Lee, and everyone one else who I know I have failed to mention, I am thinking of you always. I am sure we will talk soon.

Good day my lovely readers, friends, and family. Merry Christmas and fantastic festivities to all!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hey Everyone :)

Just wanted to say hi and let everyone know that I will be thinking of them over the holidays. Things are a bit crazy around here (so what else is new?). Caitlin is back in the hospital and it looks like I have to move over Christmas.

I am moving to a bigger place in the same complex, but my only choice is to move starting xmas eve and being done by the time the weekend is over. Ugh! I can't believe we are going to have to move over Christmas, but worse can happen.

Hopefully Caitlin will be back on her feet by the time we have to move. Just taking it a day at a time around here...

Will keep everyone posted when I get the time.

Love to all!